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About Toonie Moonie® Organics


Meet Toonie Moonie® Organics

Toonie Moonie® Organics makes the world’s first certified organic marshmallow creme in a factory, in a town, nestled in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. We’re over the moon when someone discovers Toonie Moonie® and walks away with a dreamy, nostalgic smile... and a marshmallow moustache! But it all started with one little girl.


When Kim Condon was very little indeed, she loved adventure, nature, and most of all, yummy sweet treats! One day, her mother nicknamed her “Petunia” as she frolicked among the flowers in the garden. Soon, spirited little “Petunia” became known as “Toonie Moonie”... or at least, that’s the name her mother called out when she sensed mischief was afoot!

Once Toonie Moonie was grown up and had children of her own, she wanted to share only the best food with her family. But an organic version of her favorite childhood treat marshmallow creme, was nowhere to be found. In a converted garage turned certified organic kitchen, a new adventure called Toonie Moonie® Organics was born.


We’ve grown our staff and facilities over the years, as more businesses have helped us bring a spoonful of joy to their customers. But we still make Toonie Moonie® one small batch at a time. And everything we do still comes down to kindness, integrity, and fun — from honest ingredients to inclusive hiring, to snuggle breaks with our office dogs. 


We’d be honored to share our organic marshmallow creme with you and your family. What will you make with Toonie Moonie® on your next marshmallowy adventure? 

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Founder/CEO, Kim Condon

Kim dreams day and night of creating delicious, nostalgic organic sweets. The kind that evokes pure delight, and prompts the joyful response, “I love you to the spoon and back.™” She founded Toonie Moonie® Organics to help families everywhere create those delectable moments, with nothing but simple, responsibly-sourced ingredients, and a touch of kindness. Kim is also a passionate advocate for animals and lives in Fly Creek, New York with a rescued menagerie of dogs and farm animals. She loves being at home with her animals and spending time with her wonderful adult children, Sarah, JP, and Andrew.


Production Staff

It’s hard not to be happy when you’re working in a marshmallow creme factory! Our small team of marshmallow artisans makes every batch with love, and is dedicated to the consistent quality your family deserves. We’re honored to make the original organic marshmallow creme for you, and hope you’ll enjoy using it in all your favorite family recipes!

Support Staff





Get your spoon ready!

Shop Toonie Moonie® now, and use it in all your treasured recipes. Or just eat it by the spoonful. We won’t tell!

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