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Organic Marshmallow Fluff

Marshmallowy Yumminess,

All Grown Up

I love you to the spoon and back ! 

You deserve to share a sweet moment with people you love. Toonie Moonie® lets you enjoy your favorite marshmallowy treats — without compromising an organic, kosher, or clean diet! You’ll also find the flavor more sophisticated, deeper, and a smidge less sweet than conventional marshmallow creme. Made with respect for our planet and the people and animals we share it with, Toonie Moonie® is right at home in a modern organic pantry.


Best Sellers

 We want you to feel good about sharing a sweet moment with your family! That’s why Toonie Moonie® is made with simple, responsibly sourced ingredients. Shop our organic flavors below! 


Browse Toonie Moonie®

Find a scrumptious marshmallowy recipe for every palate and occasion, from crispy treats and fudge to donuts and truffles.

Toonie Moonie Recipe
Toonie Moonie Recipe
Toonie Moonie Recipe

Wholesale Toonie Moonie®

Let Toonie Moonie®  delight your foodservice or retail customers, from bakeries and breweries to restaurants and catering!

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