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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Toonie Moonie® organic marshmallow creme

Our marshmallow creme and certifications

Can I substitute Toonie Moonie® in a recipe that calls for fluff?

Yes! It’s a perfect replacement for traditional marshmallow fluff, and will work beautifully in any of your treasured family recipes. Check our Recipes page for more ideas, too! You’ll find the flavor more sophisticated, deeper, and a smidge less sweet. Your taste buds will thank you!


What are Toonie Moonie's organic certifications?

Toonie Moonie® marshmallow creme is certified USDA organic by NOFA-NY (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York). 


Is Toonie Moonie® kosher, and if so, under whose hashgacha or supervision?

Yes, our marshmallow creme is proudly certified kosher by OK Kosher. 


How should I store Toonie Moonie®?

Toonie Moonie® is shelf stable at room temperature for 12 months. After opening, keep refrigerated.

Ingredients and allergens

Is Toonie Moonie® vegetarian/vegan?

Toonie Moonie® is gelatin-free and suitable for vegetarians! It does include egg whites, so it’s not suitable for vegans. But there’s good news: we’re in the early stages of developing a vegan variety of Toonie Moonie®! Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok to hear the latest. 


What are the ingredients in Toonie Moonie® marshmallow creme?

All ingredients are organic, fair trade, kosher, and gluten free. Ingredients for our organic vanilla marshmallow creme are: organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, natural spring water, organic dried egg whites, organic vanilla extract. Please see individual product listings for other flavors.


Are the eggs used in Toonie Moonie® grass fed/pasture raised?

Our egg whites are sourced exclusively from certified humanely treated chickens. At Toonie Moonie® we are passionate about animal welfare, and care as much about how our eggs are sourced as we care for our own pets.


Does Toonie Moonie® come from a nut- and seed-free facility?

We produce our marshmallow creme in a dedicated facility that does not process or store nut or seed ingredients, and equipment is never shared with any other products that could contain nuts or seeds. Although we are not certified nut-/seed-free, we hope that this helps you decide whether Toonie Moonie® is right for you! 


What type of alcohol is the organic vanilla extract produced with? Is it grain sourced, such as from corn/wheat?

Our vanilla extract is certified gluten-free and derived from cane, never corn or wheat. 

Our facilities

Is Toonie Moonie® made in the USA?

Yes! Toonie Moonie® is made in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, in Oneonta, New York, USA.


Is Toonie Moonie® made by hand?

Yes, it’s hand-crafted with love in a small production facility, one batch at a time, by professional marshmallow enthusiasts! Visit Our Story to learn more about us.


Does Toonie Moonie® Organics have a storefront?

Toonie Moonie® does not have a brick-and-mortar storefront. We invite you to visit stores across the country and websites that carry Toonie Moonie® Marshmallow Crème and remember you can order on our website and expect quick delivery to your home.

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